My Week in Review: A Day in the Life Sunday

Snow and too-cold-for-spring temps aside, I woke up this morning thankful it was Sunday. Now, the last two weeks could officially be put behind me. 

Photo credit: iStockphoto

Photo credit: iStockphoto

Instead of dwelling on things from the past two weeks I'd like to forget like checking into the wrong hotel for training, wiping out on an icy sidewalk, presenting material I was not familiar with, questioning professional choices I've made, missing a suspense for a book outline, a multitude of pending work items and being royally challenged by polling technology in an employee presentation, I choose to focus on the positives:

  • Chicago, shopping, friends and signature items
  • One cup of coffee with a community colleague
  • One cosmopolitan over dinner with a new friend
  • The kid's volleyball team winning a few tournament matches
  • Pushing through and completing 3 weeks and 9 sessions of Cross Fit
  • Staying up to date w/friends and life happenings through social media
  • Work friends, family friends, kid friends and martini, wine and beer parties
  • A team of human resource professionals who make me look good every day

What more can a girl ask for? How was your week and what went well for you?