Being Sick Sucks

I have a bunch of HR topics I could write about today like employee engagement, job-search attitude, credibility, compliance coaching, and buying "likes" but I can't.

I haven't had a chance to consider my message or my delivery because I spent the last week fighting off a strep-mono-pneumonia-influenza-whooping cough-like germ. I was down for the count. I cancelled out of my wine tour 60 minutes before I was to leave the house for my rendezvous with the girls.

I should have seen it coming for weeks and now know my "run it off" approach wasn't the best one to take. There wasn't any need to discourage me from working during my sick time, because it just wasn't happening. The Blackberry held no appeal for me and I couldn't focus long enough to make a difference if it did.

I was bad enough off that the sympathies came out. The kid got her craft on and made me these gifts one of the first nights:

There's always learning in life and here's what I am taking away from the last week:

  • Being sick s***ks
  • I am a much better sick person now than I was in college
  • Health stations in grocery stores on Sunday mornings are useless
  • Everything seems so much better with a sympathetic ear from an LPN with a sweet voice and a lollipop colored uniform

The silver lining? If I could run a 60 minute 5 mi run with pneumonia on a hot Saturday morning, I should be able get that closer to 50 minutes when I am well! I'd like to be lacing up my shoes now but the body is just not up to it - yet. I'll take the rest of the week to catch up from being our last week and wellness at home as I give my body the time it needs to heal.

Stay well!