Building Professional Connections: A Day in the Life Sunday

My down time (which has been in very short supply these past few months) is very important to me. I don't give it up easy.

My Sundays are very predictable - lazy mornings at home with the family - and I like it that way. Knowing that,  it may surprise you that that I am not at home with the family today. I am . . .  of all the places in the world I can be . . .  building professional connections at an HR conference in Chicago.

Actually, it's not that crazy at all. 

HRevolution is an event to allow HR professionals, recruiters, and business leaders to come together and discuss issues that affect businesses today.

I love this conference. I find so much value in taking an issue and hashing it out with a small group of people, especially when one idea leads to another and we end up somewhere unexpected. I don't always love it when someone has an idea I hadn't thought of or when their idea rocks a "truth," or something close to it, for me. But this is when I start to think - and grow.

I love the people. From this year's planning committee and participants to prior planning committee members and participants . . . we have some of the best HR professionals in the room today.

That bit I threw out to you in the beginning about "building professional connections?" Who am I trying to kid?! It's about me reconnecting with friends, colleagues and a room full of 150 forward-thinking, mess-with-the-status-quo people who just happen to work in and around the HR space.

Thanks to Trish McFarlane, Ben Eubanks, Steve Boese, and Matt Stollak for bringing it to us one more time.

Here are a few HRevolution flashbacks posts for your reading pleasure

Have a wonderful Sunday and go out and learn something today. It can be how to pick the best apple, how to use a Blackberry (@mikekrupa), how change a profession or anything at all in between - it's your choice.