HR Leaders: Your Credibility is Golden

What percentage of human resource professionals and leaders would you say face credibility challenges each day? Is it 25%? 50%? 75%?



My answer is . . . 100%  Yes, 100%. Notice I did not say 99.99% to save a spot for me - or for you, either.

As human resource professionals and leaders, we face credibility challenges every day. Each and every one of us. You are fooling yourself if you are listening to that little voice in your head telling that this does not affect you. 

Just think about what we do. When is the last time you dealt with a black and white issue? Why is it that issues are never black and white? Our issues are gray and our work puts us in the center of many storms and in interactions with others. Your credibility is on the line in each interaction and, should you falter, the next interaction is an opportunity to establish, or reestablish, your credibility.

One on my go-to articles is Leader's Credibility is Golden. John Baldoni's reference to credibility as a leader's coin of the realm always has me thinking chocolate gold coins. His points about character, acknowledging your shortcomings and living your values are spot on.  Read them, remember them and tell me what you would add to the list.

Go forth and build some credibility today.