The Crabby Truth About Leadership

There is no avoiding the truth about leadership. Leadership is uncomfortable and despite the picture some self-described success stories portray, it is hard.



Sometimes, it's just plain crabby.

Leadership causes you to question everything you’ve known about yourself to be true. It keeps you up at night, has you second guessing your actions, replaying your conversations.

The challenges leaders face are endless: unmotivated workers, disconnected systems, unsupportive management, and unyielding family members.

As a leader, you will challenge the status quo and be questioned. You will question an assumption and be challenged. You will be scrutinized, misrepresented, overlooked, conflicted, debated and opposed. You will notice you are working longer but not accomplishing more, fighting harder to hold your ground, finding fault with others or questioning the value of your leadership and your vision.

You will take business decisions personally or blame all of your woes on another person. You will sulk. You will cry. Your fight or flight response will kick in and you will begin developing your exit (read: avoidance) strategy.

You will question your decisions, the motives of others and whether leadership is even something worth doing.

Do it anyway.