CrossFit: A Day in the Life Sunday

When it comes to exercise, I know I work best when someone tells me what to do. Last month, I brushed off a dormant exercise plan and this past week, I jumped in with both feet.



I am joining 10 other women and 2 men in Granite City Cross Fit On-Ramp training. Three times a week for four weeks, we are meeting in the studio to learn the proper way squat, press and lift. Our coaches will tell us what to do and we'll do it in return for strength, stamina and stability.

My first day was pitiful; my ego hurt more than any muscle in my body. Days 2 and 3 were challenging and I have a feeling that they were being "easy" on the newbies. Week two starts tomorrow and I am scared. I am in it until the end and hopefully that means the end of the month and not the end of me.

Wish me luck!