Minding the HR Details

HR is not flashy. HR is not sexy. At times, it is rather grueling.

In fact, in her post HR: Leadership's Stunt Doubles, Franny-O writes, "Our job is invisible to most people. And it's supposed to stay that way. . . it's our job to stay fit, mind the details, do the hard stuff in the background."

Minding the details is what I'll be doing this week as I:

  • Prepare for midterm reviews with my staff,
  • Offer advice on the Intuit Small Business Blog,
  • Welcome an HR Consultative Review team for a 3 day review, 
  • Talk with supervisors and about performance management, and  
  • Noodle employee relations, administrative investigations, objectivity and HR influence.

It's not flashy, it's not sexy, and it's not Oscar worthy . . . but it is necessary.

What's your week look like?