Passion. Energy. Intention. HRevolution.

If you are losing faith in the overall smartness of the HR community, you need only spend 36 hours with the people I did this weekend and your faith will be restored.

I was part of HREvolution on Friday and Saturday. This was the 3rd HRevolution ever and I've attended them all. Why? There's simply not enough hugging going on in my HR world these days.

Seriously? Yes. Really. HRevolution has become the time for me to meet and reconnect with people I read, follow and think about often. Starting out with a connection as simple as a tweet, a blog comment or a Facebook like, many of my online connections have become my friends. 

HRevolution wasn't all social. There was a business side to the weekend with wonderful presenters and sessions throughout the day. I attended a few and the one I missed that I really wanted to attend was Paul Hebert's session, Designing for Influence. I was engaged at the time with the HR Slam consulting challenge with blue team cohorts in crime Bryan Wempen, Rob Lockard, Beth McDonald, Sophie Lemieux and Robin Schooling and I couldn't leave them in the lurch. Yes, there was a $50.00 Amazon gift card on the line for each of us but that didn't impact my decision to stay. No way, no how.   

As great as the presentations were, I did not look for, or find, my value there. Value for me was in all of the face-to-face, so great to meet you connections between my now traditional 1st day lunch with Joan Ginsberg we shared this time with Robin Schooling and Matt Bruno, my long awaited hug from Steve Browne and the #overlyemotional <please photoshop out my red eye> goodbyes on Saturday evening. Krista Francis recently wrote about authenticity in social media and the rubber meets the road over coffee, appetizers or a late night drink. You can run, but you can't hide at an event like HRevolution.

I left HRevolution with two thoughts. 

First, thoughts of the people I had quick few line exchanges at the coffee table, walking across a room or as a wave across the room. There were others I saw and intended to introduce myself to but didn't complete my circle back around before it was all over. Damn. Next time, more time, more intentional, more, dare I say it, circle backs and hugs. 

Second, thoughts of the energy. I have a hard time being passionate about HR and that's my own cross to bear but pick a session, any session or pick a gathering, any gathering and it's a no brainer, even for me, to be struck by the passion, energy and intention in the air. 

Passion. Energy. Intention. Now, that's the beauty of HRevolution.

Click over to HRevolution 2011 pictures by Monster to see some of the people changing the face of HR today. Hat tip, shout out and hugs to Ben Eubanks, Crystal Peterson, Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese.