A Sunday Blast From the Past: Peace Love and Social Media

"We have to stop having this conversation" was the message a friend recently delivered to a room full of HR pros questioning the benefits of social media.

Listen up. Social media is not optional.

Social tools, networks and communities are an integral part human resources. During a recent 15 minute scan of my feed, I came across social media resources as a component of personal branding for HR professionals, collaboration, recruitment and delivery of career resources. And that was just a scan.

Here is a presentation I prepared for our local SHRM chapter last year. Watch it, own it and take a first step. What are you waiting for?


Don't Should on Me: Peace, Love and Social Media

"As an HR Professional, you are called to provide leadership to your organization.

Whether you are developing an employer branding campaign or evaluating recruitment sources, you are going to bump up against (or into) social media. What is it, what is right for your organization, and how do you know?

There are far too many experts out there with their opinions of what’s best for you and your organization. Don’t take their word for it. You owe it to yourself, and your organization, to know what you are talking about.

Learn all you can about social media so you are able to make informed choices about what is right for you and your organization."

And with that (or something close to it), I kicked off a presentation to CMSHRM as part of our quarterly Caffeinated Learning series this morning. And, as a good friend said to me recently, "We're planting seeds. Just planting seeds."


Bottom line: you will never know social media until you do social media and until you know social media, you cannot effectively advise or lead others.

So because I am a tech savvy pro-blogger (!), I was able to schedule this post to go live after the presentation so no one would be tempted to read ahead. Here's hoping I served the chapter, our HR professionals and the social media community well.

Peace Out.