Carpool Confidential: A Day in the Life Sunday

I just entered a new chapter of my #momlife. I joined a carpool. 

I am psyched.

I am ambivalent. It's not at all about letting someone else shuttle the kid around - it's the commitment I made to participate in the rounding up of 6 swimmers and depositing them at the pool, it's the relationships with other parents I am about to enter into and it's about me getting into work on time.

Work. Yes, it's a broken record that's been over played. Let's just move on and get back to my new  carpooling duties and the new parents and children the husband, kid and I will get to know.

I am back to psyched.

The kid loves to swim, was just advanced to another group, and has her B times in sight. Coaches are on deck M-F morning but with both of us working right now, my husband and I could not get her to and from lessons with any predictability. As much as I'd be ok paying someone to take care of the back and forth - that option hasn't come together well for us in time for summer lessons.

What's a mother to do? She reaches out for help, makes that phone call and asks to join one of THE BEST swim kid carpools in town.

Carpool was not a word in this parent's vocabulary, so I googled it just to see what I'd find. Take a look at this. Who knew?

Karma, gifts and manly rides? What ever.

What I know is that the kids will get to the pool, the relationships will develop (or not) and the work will wait for me. It's all about the kid and it comes down to this - she discovered a passion and we are going to make sure nothing gets in her way.

Photo credit: iStockphoto