Collectibles, Dust and Memories: A Day in the Life Sunday

I don't collect things.

My aversion to having to pack and unpack a bunch of tiny little things each time I moved from home to college, college to military and station to station and then <here's my tipping point> having to dust the nooks and crannies of the not-so-precious figurines was enough for me to swear off collectibles as a young adult.

I'd be open to a nice collection of Swarvoski jewelry or another Charmed Memory for my bracelet but I don't have any interest in an accumulation of bric-a-brac, curios, whatnots or knickknacks.

Except for one - Vintage Josef Originals.

Likely a birthday gift for me as a young child, the August Birthstone Doll is a piece of my childhood sharing space with my adult life.

With a broken arm, chipped paint and dusty creases in her dress, the birthstone doll has traveled from home to college, college to military, and back home again.

I want to share the same with my January-born daughter.

The husband, kid and I like to peruse antique stores every now and then. My tolerance for too much stuff in one place is much less than theirs but I am on a quest.

The last January Birthstone Dolls were made in 1985. I know one could be on my doorstep tomorrow via eBay, Etsy, or Tias but I don't want to order, I want to discover.

In my quest, I discovered a graduation and a wedding dolls I didn't even know I was looking for. Score! I have the dolls set out  - not tucked away behind glass or in some closet  - so they are a part of our every day happenings.

Will they hold memories for the kid as she grows? Who knows but with 2 already here, another coming and my aversion to collectibles hovering in the background I've hit my limit with Josef Originals.

What have you carried with from your childhood to your adult life? What are you saving for your children? Do you collect? What do you collect? Why do you collect?