Alaska, Udo and Heart: A Day In the Life Sunday

This idea for this post was stolen shamelessly from Jennifer V. Miller and her recent post, What the Heart Knows.

Jennifer writes, "The heart knows what it wants. You just have to listen." and proceeds to share her story about fun salt-and-pepper shakers she picked up on her vacation last year in northern Michigan. She loved them at first sight.

Reading her story, I remembered traveling through Alaska in 2008 with the family unit and coming across Udo, the fisher boy.

I saw this in a store in Juneau. Or was it Ketchikan? I can't recall. What I do recall is I picked it up, put it down and left the store. I did some shopping with the clan and kept thinking about it.

The figurine called  to me. I had to have it so I went back and bought it.

Legend (aka the store clerk) has it that Udo brings you luck when you rub his mukluks. I think of our Alaskan adventure whenever I see it. Yes, I have been know to rub the mukluks from time to time.

So, as Jennifer asked her readers, I now ask you, "What is your heart saying? Are you listening?"