Mixing it Up: A Day in the Life Sunday

The best way to solve a problem is to not over think it. As someone with a mind on overdrive, I am on the lookout for ways to slow myself - and my thoughts - down. 



To my tried and true list of ways to slow down my thoughts, I now add cooking.  The holiday season was a flurry culinary creations: prime rib, peanut butter blossoms, white cheddar Mac and cheese, monkey bread and egg and hash brown casserole. Now, I am on the lookout out for mini-Dutch ovens for the chicken pot pies I have my cooking eye on. 

It's crazy, I know. I can't explain it myself. I haven't solved any major problems yet but breaking and beating eggs does have a certain appeal. Art imitates life and the undercooked monkey bread reflects my impatience but I am a work in progress. 

It's really about hitting the pause button.  Michael Hyatt wrote about the space between the stimulus and response and I am close to cracking the cover on The Pause Principle. There is something to slowing down and stopping to pause for effective leadership, self preservation and, in my house now, culinary adventures.

What is your reset button? And, what's your favorite thing to bake?