Three Words: A Day in the Life Sunday

For a few years now, I've selected three words to provide focus and guide my decisions over the coming months. The three words that informed my decisions and actions in 2013 were story, flow and tribe.


Reflecting back on 2013, there was a consulting gig I accepted and a speaking engagement I declined; a commitment I made to myself to improve my health; a decision to join CrossFit and change the way I eat; less writing about things that did not call to me (which left a void I unfortunately did not fill);  more looks at who my real friends are (I've got some rocking friends, by the way) and the booking of THE 2014 Rosendahl European Vacation.

So what three words will inform story. flow. tribe for me in 2014?


Do will get the bulk of my attention in 2014.  It’s a simple word which compels me to act on what needs to be done each day.  The time and effort I spend preparing will only serve me if it is followed by action. Do represents this.

While this word sounds more focused on work efforts, that is only partly true. Often what needs to be done is as simple (or not so simple) as enjoying time with my family or my friends.  Interestingly, if I do what needs to be done with work, I have time to do things with my family.


Be is another simple word that holds me accountable for being present in the moment, for giving my attention to the other people in the room and for getting out of my head and into the world around me. Be tells me to relax and be myself without excuses and apology (the good, the bad and the ugly) and notice when I am grounded and at ease vs. uneasy and ineffective. I am at my best when I stay true to myself.


A friend recently wrote that she loves her big, beautiful, messy life. Messy? Shivers. My life is designed to eliminate mess by insisting on a planned, predictable order. A fully thought out mess free routine? I've got that baby down to a science.

It's time for a little mess in my life. While this word can denote chaos, it won't with me. I can't change completely but I will permit some mess, say "yes" before the "no" comes barreling out to opportunities outside of my comfort zone and reach out to others to ask for help.

do. be. messy.

What do you think? What words guide you?

Note: Do was stolen shamelessly from Rob Hatch because when I read his words, it was as though he was reading my mind.

By Lisa Rosendahl

Social Media Got You Down? It Had Me Too

I entered the summer with a commitment to savor. The pace of my days were such that something had to give. Not only was I using my time ineffectively, I was flat out social media crabby.

All of my activity began to feel like an obligation. It took a few lash-outs for me to really see that I wasn't enjoying what I was doing and I made it the fault of others <not a pretty side of me.>

Bottom line: I lost my spark.

So, short of shutting it all down with the press of a few strategically placed DELETE keys in a moment of regrettable reaction, I gave myself the permission give it up. I gave myself permission to step away from the blogs, let the cobwebs form on Tweetdeck, let that perfect speaking opportunity pass me by and permit Google+ to evolve without me.

Once I knew I could give it all up . . . I realized I didn't want to. 

I was so stuck on the mechanics of what I was doing <insert pictures, post, edit, comment, retweet, approve group members, prepare proposals, arrange speakers, update friends, neglect blogroll, update profiles, encircle people> that I had lost the why of it all. 

I am not completely selfless and without ego so I'd be lying if I said I don't like it when my posts are retweeted and my blog subscribers increase or I am asked to speak, sit on advisory boards, etc. or that I worried you would forget about me if I stepped away and technology would pass me by. 

But that wasn't the source of the spark.

The one thing - through it all - that holds meaning for me is bringing out potential in others. The spark for me is providing something that enables others to be that much better or reach that much further. Now, throw in the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with smart women I respect and admire.

There, now the sparks really begin to fly. Here's to clarity and focus and a little less crabbiness all around.

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