Graduation: A Day in the Life Sunday

It seem like just yesterday that we left the hospital with our brand new baby girl and then were attending our first parent teacher conference. And today, our little girl is finishing up another year of school.

Tarah 6th Grade Graduate.jpg

Where did the time go? In six short years, graduation will be for real. She'll be taking one giant step out of high school and another into the rest of her life. There are so many thoughts in my head right now and so many things I want to say to her along the lines of, "Do this, don't do that, follow your heart, lead with your head and remember, you will always be my little girl."

There's so much more to say and, thanks to my friend Sarah White, here are a few excerpts from a Huff Post Parents article, 10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Turns 10, that captures every mother's thoughts so well:  

  1. It is not your job to keep the people you love happy.  Not me, not Daddy, not your brother, not your friends.  I promise, it's not. The hard truth is that you can't, anyway.
  2. It is okay to disagree with me, and others. You are old enough to have a point of view, and I want to hear it.  So do those who love you.
  3. You are so very beautiful. Your face now holds the baby you were and the young woman you are rapidly becoming.

This is just the beginning. Way to go kiddo! I am so very proud of you.