Recovery: Day in the Life Sunday

Is Sunday the end of a week or the beginning of a week for you? Do you use Sunday to wind down or to gear up?

Sunday is a wind down day for me. I savor my down time. Sunday mornings at home with the family, leisurely breakfast courses - coffee, oatmeal, eggs or whatever else we are up for making - that's the sweet spot of my week.

This Sunday, however, is more of a recovery day than a wind down down day because I've been down much of the past week - and the week before. Between #sinuswoes, neti pots, staff shortages and #trenchHR happenings at the workplace, I am a bit drained.

You know it's time to call it a day when you turn your head and it takes a few seconds for everything in your head to catch up, when you can't string 2 thoughts together and you forget the office birthday bagels - twice.

Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, things are getting better. So, I am taking it easy, sipping my mint tea thinking about WomenofHR-ing, reading Gone Girl, and weeding the gardens - or not. I am not heading to south this week but safe travels to the Atlanta bound SHRMers who are.

Tell me, how are you doing today and what does the next week hold for you?

Photo credit iStockphoto