Bringing Out the Girl in Me: A Day in the Life Sunday

One week ago today, I was in Chicago with the girls.

Shopping like I truly have never shopped before, I ended up face to face with the nemesis I call fashion.  Yes, in the world of fashion I have some work to do and set out to rectify that with a few purchases early in the weekend: a color block dress and Frye boots.

Between those purchases, getting to know 3 other amazing, strong women and breaking bread (literally) in the sunshine with two of my dearest friends, I began to relax and unwind and reconnect to the Lisa that so easily gets lost in the day-to-day.

My college roomie summed it up so well when she commented, "I'm so much better at work today because of that time spent, unplugged. I'm thinking more clearly, I slept 8 hours last night, I return to school a better superintendent for my district because I'm rejuvenated."

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes (like purses, shoes, dresses . . .)

As I was stepping back into my role of mom and wife contemplating the decisions, initiatives and #hr actions waiting for my return to the job the next day, I was faced with a moment of uncertainty as the question, "Who am I?" flashed through my mind and stopped me in my tracks.

I am a lot of things to others and to myself. If I were to list them out before my weekends with the girls, no matter how long or all encompassing the list was, it would not have been complete. It would be missing something. It would be missing girl.

What happened to the girl? Thank you to the women in my life for bringing out the girl in me.