A Lesson in Aging: Day in the Life Sunday

I don't know when the comments stopped, I just know that I don't hear them anymore.

Whether they came at the kid's elementary school functions, after describing my 9+ years in the military, or discussing the latest hot flash situation, I often heard one the "wow, you-definitely-don't-look-your-age" comment in one form or another.

Not anymore. No more fishing for compliments or hoping for the unexpected comments. They are not coming.

Wiser <but still slightly bummed>, here are a few things I've come to know over the years:

  • You have to keep me and my face away from orange. If you give me a blush mosaic with even a touch of orange in it, my cheeks will look like a pumpkin.
  • Metabolism really does slow down after 40. Long gone are the days of eating what I want when I want. I want my personal trainer back!
  • The sun is not your friend.

I remember the lazy teen summers on the beach with surf, sand and baby-oiled skin. Yes, baby oil. Sunscreen? SPF? Pshaw!

I'll always have the hit the beach before the sun comes up and don't leave before it goes down Daytona Beach memories but I don't want to wear them on my face.

Timeless beauty, beautiful at any age, feel young = be young, it's what's on the inside that counts, yada, yada . . .  all well and good for the big picture of life but for the here and now, I want to look the part too.

Enter my new favorite skin care line, DermaDoctor. It's amazing to watch my complexion even out and the sun spots fade away. Too bad we can't burn fat and build muscle as easily, eh?

What one product do you swear by?

Photo credit: iStockphoto