I Lost My Blog and Found My Voice

I lost my blog Friday night.

I lost my posts. I lost my comments. I lost my categories. I lost my tags. I lost my words. I lost my thoughts. By morning, I was mourning. It was not about the links, the badges, the templates, or the visitor counts and maps. It was about me and the loss of an important part of who I am today.

I tweeted about it and jessica_lee replied, "oh goodness... just saw your tweet. sorry... oh dear." I responded back, "there is a lesson in here for me somewhere I am sure, just not seeing it right now."

By mid-morning Saturday, I had myself convinced that the blog was gone for good and soon had a plan. I was going to get what I could from my last data capture in August, transfer my December posts saved as Facebook notes back into blog posts and move forward from there. As it turns out, my blog was restored rather quickly, and embarrassingly easy, by the Squarespace support team.

I never thought, when I first started blogging, that I would feel what I did. I am who I am today, in part, because of the thoughts, ideas, learnings, and insights gained by, and reflected in, my posts. Wow.

Thinking I lost my words, I realized I found my voice.